DS Coating Systems can recommend and then create a custom floor for virtually any environment, based on the specifications of the application as well as the desires of our clients. Below are just a few of the many settings that we can assist with.

Food Manufacturing and Distributor Flooring

Food processing areas comprise a demanding environment — and whether you’re running a bakery, a meat or poultry processing plant, or even a different type of facility, you need a floor that can withstand the conditions and not be the cause of your plant running inefficiently. Our coatings experts will advise you on the best choice for your next concrete floor epoxy or urethane mortar flooring project or repair.

We have floors that can adhere to FDA and USDA standards, will prevent bacteria growth, and have properties that hold up against regular exposure to chemicals or constant moisture and withstand cleaning chemicals and agents. We can also accommodate your need for improved safety and help mitigate the risk of injury with slip-resistant finishes.

We are able to support customers in their audit preparation and general over all safety regiment regarding their audits and maintaining their certifications for safe food management as they work to comply with Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) rules and regulations. This comes by the application of concrete repairs, coatings and assisting with water issues and management from a food safety perspective.

Sample industries served:

  • Meat and poultry processing plants
  • Bakeries
  • Canneries
  • Food packaging
  • Spice production
  • Food distribution centers

Below are a few examples of applications our flooring experts can accommodate in your facility.

  • Constant moisture, or exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, and acidic or other damaging ingredients; withstand heavy traffic and forklifts
  • Withstand extreme temperatures, such as those found in refrigerators, freezers, or ovens
  • High degree of hygienic conditions required
    • Easy-to-clean surface areas
    • Stain- and chemical-resistant work areas
  • Need for different flooring possibilities in many different areas of the facility (e.g., dry production, processing, and storage in one area and wet production and processing in another)
  • High-traffic areas such as shipping and receiving areas and loading docks

Beverage Facility Flooring

Breweries and bottling plants are examples of places that need durable, easy-to-clean, USDA/FDA-compliant flooring to meet safety standards and keep their facilities clean. If proper flooring is not selected and installed, things like food-based fluid spills, manufacturing or cleaning chemicals, and even vehicle and equipment traffic can destroy a floor, leading to costly flooring repairs or potentially even consumer illnesses if hygiene-related issues creep into the finished products.

Sample of Other industries served:

  • Soda manufacturing plants
  • Breweries and bottling plants
  • Dairies
  • Liquor manufacturing and distillery companies
  • Water bottling companies

Our experts can guide you through the process of selecting a floor that can accommodate a wide variety of considerations, including selecting floors that have:

  • Resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • USDA/FDA compliance and easy-to-clean surface areas
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Slip-resistant properties
  • Stain- and chemical-resistant work areas
  • Ability to withstand heavy foot and/or forklift traffic
  • Stain-resistant properties
  • Low VOCs

Automotive Facility Flooring

From automotive repair shops to dealership showrooms, our experts can customize and install new flooring in needed areas that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to your customers as well as your employees. We can even customize the floor to match a brand and portray the image that you want your customers to experience when they enter your facility.

Sample environments served:

  • New-car showrooms
  • Dealership service bays
  • Gas station automobile repair areas
  • Automobile manufacturing facilities

Below are a few examples of specifications we can consider when we assist you with customizing your facility to create a functional and beautiful experience for your customers and/or a safe work environment for your employees.

  • Easy-to-clean surface areas
  • Stain- and chemical-resistant work areas
  • High-traffic-related stresses
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Heavy equipment exposure

Manufacturing Facility Flooring

Having the most appropriate floor in your manufacturing facility has both a functional and aesthetic purpose. After our experts analyze your facility and recommend a concrete floor finish, you can then install a floor that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, handle foot or equipment-related traffic and wear and tear, be slip resistant to address safety issues, and have an aesthetic look and feel that will improve the environment for your employees as well as any on-site customers.

Below are a few examples of applications for which we can be of assistance:

  • Industrial plants
  • Manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Clean room and antistatic areas
  • Machine shops and welding facilities
  • Loading and unloading areas
  • Electronic assembly and contract manufacturing plants

Here are a few of the flooring requirements we can accommodate:

Health care Flooring

Health care provider buildings, medical facilities, clean rooms, and similar entities demand additional attention when it comes to selecting flooring. For example, specialized enclosures that require an environmentally controlled space where airborne particulates and microbes need to be contained, or in which temperature, humidity, airflow, and other elements must be regulated require flooring that can meet these needs. Specially created antimicrobial flooring offers a reliable, affordable solution, and systems can be designed to be easy to clean and durable all while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Below are a few examples of applications where our team can help you solve your healthcare and medical flooring challenges:

  • Pharmaceutical labs and medical production areas
  • Biotechnology centers
  • Clean room environments
  • Operating rooms and surgical centers
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) facilities
  • Production, medical supply packing rooms, and labs

Health care flooring needs specifications that our experts can help you accommodate include:

  • Mitigation of electrostatic charges
  • Microbial organism containment
  • Zero-VOC properties
    • Stain- and chemical-resistant work areas
    • High-traffic-related stresses
    • Slip-resistant surfaces